How to interview your potential employer?

How do you prepare for interviews?

Research about the company? Plan your outfit? Anticipate what questions the interviewers may ask? However, have you thought of preparing a few smart questions to ask the interviewers? Under most cases, interviewers will ask the candidate, you have any question for me/us? If your answer is 'No' your interviewer will not be impressed. Why? You may run the risk of the interviewers assuming either you are not keen on the job or simply unprepared.

When I prepare a candidate for interviews, I normally would advise candidates to prepare a few questions and if they ask me for advice these are a few of my favorites:-

1) what personality traits will succeed in your organization?

2) what do you like most about your job/organization?

3) what is the career path in this organization for someone in this role?

4) what are the biggest challenges and opportunities your company is facing now?

I would however suggest steering away from questions such as salary, benefits and annual leave until later stages or when you meet HR. If you are being assisted by a recruiter, please do leave this with him/her to handle on your behalf. While researching on this blog post I found this video and I think it sums it up! Enjoy and share with your friends whom may also be interested.

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